Candidate insight

Given that our aim is to be your long-term career partner, we want to provide you with insight and support that helps and adds value to you throughout your search for a new job as well as keeping in touch to ensure that you are on-boarded successfully once you have accepted a position.  

Whether that be up to date market intelligence on salaries, personal branding tips, Linkedin advice or something else that we haven’t yet thought of – we’re here to support you.

Tips and advice

Our initial meeting with you, will help us establish your work experience and what you would like to achieve in your career.

We will listen to your aspirations and ensure we understand what makes you tick.

We can then help you put together a professional and attention-grabbing CV and ensure you are fully prepared for an interview.


Is about being honest and approachable, doing exactly what we say we will. 

For example, occasionally we have experienced that some candidates can be defensive when told that they have been unsuccessful (at a job interview) and why they haven’t been shortlisted or put forward for 2nd interview. 

We’ll give you detailed feedback, often feedback that initially you might not agree with in order to help you to improve next time.  We believe that, as a result, you will respect your PSi Consultant as a straight-talking professional who can be trusted. 


We’ll help you to find the role that unlocks your full potential in a culture where you’ll flourish.            

For example, all PSi Consultants are fully trained to offer detailed CV and Interview advice, we’ll coach and advise on interview techniques for each specific client you meet.


Being the career partner who helps you realise your ambitions.

For example, by better understanding you we will be in a position to speak to you about jobs that you may not have considered from a job advert or job spec.  We’ll work hard to place you into a business where your personality best matches their culture, with a Manager who can take you to the next level.


A relationship with you that lasts your entire career – as a candidate and future client. 

For example, we want to help you to find the very best job to enhance your career, even if it’s an opportunity that PSi aren’t representing you on.  Our ambition is to be the most enjoyable, trust worthy and added value Recruitment Consultancy you work with – so that you come back to us time and time again as both a candidate and a client.                        

Consistent executional excellence – it underpins everything we do. 

For example, we know that doing the simple things well will also set us apart.  If we slip up on any of our standards, we really do want you to let us know.

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