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CSP have serviced clients with as many a 500 temps per day, from a fully managed, on-site office to clients who have the requirement for temporary help on a small scale basis. Our operations is geared up for both extremes, and everything in between.

Focussing entirely on Manufacturing & Shop-floor industrial staff our operation is solely geared to that objective. We offer solutions tailored specifically to our clients’ needs, providing total fulfilment with suitably screened and inducted staff, therefore improving our clients’ productivity, reducing wasted time management and providing the protection our customers would expect of a competent agency.

Manufacturing & Processing

CSP Recruitment’s specialist Manufacturing Team understands the industry demands of total quality and efficient production, delivered on-time and to budget. Our temporary staff need to have basic English language skills to understand straightforward instructions and read pick-lists and labels. We expect our staff to work beyond scheduled finish times without notice to ensure timely contract fulfilment for your clients.

We fully induct our staff prior to starting on the job, to aid productivity and reinforce company policies and Health and Safety policies. We are on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to quickly and efficiently provide employers with a range of permanent and temporary (full and part-time) employees, from manual labourers to semi-skilled and skilled workers.

Food Manufacturing

CSP Recruitment’s Food Manufacturing Division has worked with some of the UK’s leading fresh food manufacturers, meat processors and bakeries. Our Service Delivery Consultants source temporary, permanent and contract workers for a variety of jobs, ranging from processing and packaging staff to supervisors, QA and QC technicians.

We are vastly experienced in recruiting for wildly fluctuating numbers of staff required, often at short notice. Our consultants will prepare for new assignments by familiarising themselves with the factory and environment, both on the job and by talking to shift supervisors and team leaders.

Tray Wash

Operating several large tray wash contracts, CSP Recruitment has made it our business to become a specialist in the supply of suitably screened and inducted staff to the Tray Wash sector. We consider it our obligation to help safeguard our customers’ reputational, financial and contractual wellbeing. As such it is essential to have a thorough understanding of the conditions and pressures our clients operate under by keeping abreast of practices and developments within the sector and to evolve our processes and activities to reflect the changing needs of our customers.

Logistics & Warehousing

CSP Recruitment’s specialist logistics and warehousing division recruits fully referenced workers for jobs in the Logistics and Warehousing industry. This division was a natural off-shoot from our work within the manufacturing and processing industry, as by networking at the docking bays we quickly realised the synergies between the two sectors.

Our logistics consultants understand the needs of both workers and businesses – they come from transport and logistics backgrounds.

We maintain an extensive database of workers, which enables us to fill a wide range of either temporary or permanent vacancies, including those with particular licence requirements and other specific needs, quickly and efficiently.

PSI Talent Acquisition

PSi Technical has been working alongside engineering companies in the UK for over 20 years.Finding skilled and semi-skilled engineers and technical support staff on a permanent, contract and also temporary basis. We have built up a loyal cohort of clients and workers in three fields: professional engineering, precision engineering and fabrication & sheet metal engineering.

Flexible and Contingent Recruitment

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Permanent Recruitment

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