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Support our NHS

As a recruitment agency willing to take its share of social responsibility in these uncertain times, CSP Recruitment & PSI Recruitment have been struggling to come up with a worthwhile contribution to the country’s effort, given that we have no manufacturing capability.
What we have decided to do is to offer ancillary staff to NHS Trusts, Care Homes, Hospices, Councils, Funeral Directors and FM companies that provide these ancillary services around our locations AT COST – no profit margin to cover our delivery staff salaries or overheads, just the cost of employing the worker at any location within a 15 mile radius of: Leicester, Coventry, Milton Keynes, Wellingborough, Bracknell, Spalding, Barnsley & Warrington.
The staff will cost exactly the same as if you employed them yourselves.
We are currently contacting all the NHS Trusts, etc., but if anyone knows of a facility that could benefit from this initiative, please let us know #carehomes #caresector #supportworkers #adultsocialcare #healthandsocialcare #socialcare #protectourNHS #ancillarystaff #ancillaryworkers